Sponsored Top Level Domains, branding and communities


sTDL, i.e. those extensions after the “dot”, that are sponsored e.g. by a brand like .ibm or .love or .hate, or .brand, etc. will soon be available.

The implications for branding are quite interesting. A “brand” will much less need to register in multiple countries or with multiple extensions to be “protected”.The .brand will be useable for all its activities in a fully controlled way. In other words a brand can decide to have only .brand as its root extension.

For examples the countries could then be www.france.brand or www.us.brand etc.

Furthermore multiple groups and communities will be easily identifiable, example www.alumni.brand or www.alumni-france.brand, or whatever address a group within a company or a subgroup may want to have. Communities of practices will have their own visible URL even if the site remains locked for visitors.

Suppliers or other parts of the extended enterprise will be able to have their clearly identified URL like www.supplier.brand or www.partner.brand and by definition the email addresses going with it. This will then be a brand carrier for “brand”.

Similarly, a brand will be able to recognize external leaders and via some sponsoring probably create brand driving communities like John.bertrand@external-experts.brand. Just think of the currently sponsored chairs at university, a sponsored chaired professor might be asked to take as an email john.bertrand@abcuniversity-chair.brand increasing therefore the visibility of the chair and the brand.

Also it may increase the relationship between the individual’s brand and a corporate brand reinforcing the interesting concept of personal brand and corporate brand interactions.

The implications are quite important in terms of marketing, of loyalty creation, of brand protection and development, of personal brands and corporate brands, etc.

For more details in French see this document written by a Boostzone Institute member, Marie Emmanuelle Haas.


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