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Beyond AI, how Neurosciences and biology will change our world and how leaders should get prepared for it

le 18 novembre 2019 par


This was the title of a conference I gave for the President’s forum at IEDC at the beginning of December. You can find the teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V2Jse0Bv0w&feature=emb_logo

And the full text of the conference and the debate, edited by IEDC as a booklet can be found here.

In very short the topic was:

  • Why we have to think beyond digital
  • Why we even have to think beyond AI 
  • Why and how neurosciences and Biology will drastically change our society as well as several major social changes and why leadership styles will be challenged.

This was a very rich and enjoyable moment. 

Thanks to IEDC for having invited me.


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