photo_dominique_65x75Dominique F. Turcq , PhD, founded Boostzone in 2004. It started as a research center, the Boostzone Institute, dedicated to understand the strategic and operational impact on corporations of the evolution of the world of work. It studies, in particular, the impact of social and professional networks and communities on management.

A French citizen, Dominique is currently a special strategic adviser to the CEO of Manpower Inc., a $22 billion company dedicated to outplacement and human capital development where he led strategy and business development between 2000 and 2004 and was, as a senior vice president, a member of the Executive committee .

His consulting and training activities also include mega trends’ impact on corporate strategy, with a particular emphasis on social evolutions and web 2.0’s impact on companies’ structures and operations.

Dominique first graduated in Paris with an MBA from the French Grande Ecole HEC. He then studied Economics in Japan (Kobe University, Research Institute of the faculty of management, with a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education, the Mombusho), and back in France, where he obtained a double PhD from HEC and from the EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) on Management and Corporate Sociology. His PhD field was the Japanese model of collaboration between executives as a way to enhance one’s career.

His career spans across academia (he was a professor at HEC, ESCP and INSEAD in France, IIST in Japan), government and administration (he was a special adviser in France to the Ministry of Trade, the Economic Planning Commission, the Ministry of Industry), business (Sony, Manpower) and consulting (McKinsey & Cie). As a partner with McKinsey & Cie between 1987 and 1999, he specialized in international management issues. Il led him to work in several countries, notably in Belgium’s Euro-Center and in India where he was part of the office opening team. He also worked with the McKinsey Global Institute, based in Washington DC, where he produced the first comparison between India and China for business development opportunities. He was also a member of the War for Talent practice, the Strategy practice and the Emerging Markets practice of McKinsey & Cie.

His international experience is both varied and deep: he lived for several years in countries like Algeria, Japan, India, Belgium, Germany, the USA.

He is also a former President and a board member of AFPLANE, the corporate strategy association in France.

Dominique published several books and articles on international strategy, human capital management as well as on Japanese economy and society.

Main Available Books and articles on the Internet with Dominique Turcq as author or co-author :

L’Avenir du travail (with Jacques Attali)

Le Travail, les Français y croient ils encore?

The future of International migration to OECD countries

Rethinking the value of talents (with Jeff Joerres, the CEO of Manpower)

The company as a community: the impact of social media on the corporate world

Enterprise 2.0 for board members

India and China, the non identical twins

The global impact of non Japan Asia

Memo to a CEO : competition policy in Europe

Indian automotive components: the competitive realities

Changing the fortunes of America’s workforce

Race for the world: strategies to build a great global firm

A European Management Model: beyond diversity

L’animal Strategique (this book was awarded the Shibusawa Claudel prize): French version & Japanese version

L’inévitable Partenaire Japonais

La tunique de Nessus

Une communication branché

Libre blanc CrossKnowledge « L’Entreprise Communautaire »

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