Rapping science

I have had may discussions about how hard it is to get a complex message across to decision-makers when you only can get five minutes of their time (sounds familiar?). To me this is probably the most important hurdle of modern management, and even more now as the young generations have the same behavioral patterns. it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain somebody’s attention for more than ten minutes.

Through Molly Wood‘s buzz report, I found the amazing « Large Hadron Collider Rap » by Alpinekat, and it  struck a chord. I already knew that part of the answer is indeed to use the tricks of the attention-grabing industry of entertainment. I just didn’t realize that it could be applied to hadron collision, nuclear waste or even IFRS accounting.

And Alpinekat did a great teaching job. More than 2 million views. Wow! Iwonder wht the marketing & communication department of CERN think about this…

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