Will There Be A Collaborative Management Crisis?

Will there be a Collaborative Management Crisis?

The financial crisis had been predicted by several experts but nearly nobody wanted to see it. The economic growth and the financial bubble looked so good to have and the financial system looked so stable (with its outrageous health and the huge bonuses of bankers) that it seemed on the contrary to a crisis that a new Graal had been found.
Today the debt crisis that will fall upon us with its rain of implied taxes and bad news for the free enterprise is obvious to see, but nearly nobody wants to see it.  The situation looks bad enough, everyone wants to believe and let believe that the economy will rebound in 2010 (any real tangible proof of that?) and few dare to say that what is done now is simultaneously not enough because it is just the first iceberg we hit on this ocean of issues due to the sea change our global capitalist system is going through.
Tomorrow an other crisis will hit and it will hit corporations directly: the Networks and Communities management crisis. Today many see the issues via the societal explosion of social networks and the development of Web2 (“Sure it will happen within corporations too but…”). Tomorrow managers will suddenly discover their authority will be challenged by horizontal networks, their skills, and in particular leadership skills, will be challenged by many employees, their internal and external communication function will be completely outdated (even if they will have made some window dressing efforts for blogging or creating communities), their HR processes (in particular recruiting evaluating training separating) will have to be handled in ways unknown to them today – even if they will have also made some window dressing actions like internet recruiting fairs, opening of chats between candidates and current employees, etc. ). The paradigm shift in management will hit like an other iceberg on our Titanic corporations, but most just see it today as a small change ahead, as a bump on the road, one of the potential ways to improve productivity or employee engagement…
I wonder who the “Lehman” will be in this world, i.e. which company will be the first to suddenly fall hard because its internal organization will just implode.

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