Trainings for intra company collaboration: two programs from the Boostzone Institute


Can people be trained for collaboration inside the company? We had many times requests for training. We thought that yes, people can be trained, but we did not want to come up with any traditional training program.

So, we spent several months working on the potential teaching engineering and we came up with two programs. The brochures are in French but the programs can be delivered in French or English since the Boostzone Institute is deliberately working in two languages.

The two first programs to be offered are very different. The first one is a one-day sensitization program, called Papillon or Butterfly, as an allusion to the chaos theory where a simple butterfly’s wing movement can change the world climate. So is in our view the start of any real sharing within a corporation: it can change the culture and the organization. This program is more for those who want to understand what the organization, strategic and operational issues and opportunities are. It can be delivered on an inter company or an intra company mode.

The second is called Nenuphar or Water-Lily. This time, it is an allusion to the way you can change the nature of a pond by covering it with Water-lilies and allowing a whole new ecosystem to develop. But no one can grow an entire pond by fiat. A self-generated dynamic is required. This program is an intense collaboration effort for a limited number of small teams (Water-lily teams), within a short time frame, under a very close coaching, and aiming at showing that collaboration can bring very powerful, immediately usable results, as well as identifying what the barriers to a generalization (for the pound) could be. This program is necessarily delivered as an intra-company program.

These programs requiring some heavy training for the trainers, only a few sessions will be available at first. We will increase the number of sessions as we can certify more trainers.

You can find the brochures at:

Papillon / Butterfly

Nenuphar/ Water-Lily

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