Four Golden Globe awards for the Social Network: does 68 mean a change of paradigm?

Tells you something about the success of Facebook, and beyond that, the incredible foray that social networks have made in the world today… In fact, it is amazing that these 68th Golden Globe awards coincided with the first ever major social revolution of the recent past, that in Tunisia; 68th you said, 68 I say, 1968 I mean, a strong memory of my teenage years when Paris students joined workers on the streets for what was to become a substantial change of paradigm in the world!  Will Tunisia have the same fate?  In any case, it wins the 1st Globe Award for Social Network unrest! Whether you look at it from a political, economic or social viewpoint, you have the first major riot that erupted from the power of the web 2.0.

It all started with information, where did it come from?  A number of telexes from Wikileaks that asserted the political regime was truly corrupted!  Then, a formation phase that used the collective intelligence of Facebook, extending into mobilization coming from collective management. If one could not use YouTube or Dailymotion as they were scrutinized and censored by local intelligence, Facebook managed that phase as well as the next one: action with a coordinated plan.  The only part is the follow-up phase, should we call it Creative Commons, with the history being collected, some fun despite the sorrow for all the dead, and, soon enough, Wikipedia or any other wiki shall have the whole story galore!

Every human group can use the web 2.0 as a means to communicate, collaborate and cooperate; Belgium is doing it with the recent outrage of a Flemish journalist, Kris Janssens, who talks on YouTube ( about the ludicrous situation after 200 days without a government: let’s go on the street and hold hands, Flemish and Walloons, to call it a fluke!  Can a crown, 180 years of age, hold a country that hosts the European Parliament, at least partly.  I certainly hope so, if not, I am using the web to call for unity, well beyond the specific case of Belgium.  Even though the number of countries trebled since I was born (from 70 to 210), I have a dream that Europe can unite altogether!

1968 was also the year an icon of justice and equality was killed, one of my heroes!  Not that he holds the same first name, nor that he was the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 1964, nor that he spent his life defending his own personal creed reminding us of human rights!  I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed; “We hold these truths to be self-evident : that all men are created equal.”  This is what Martin Luther King Jr. said on August 28, 1963; his birth date (a holiday in the US) was January 15th, the one day where Tunisia exploded… Hoping this not mean that we have to die, like 500 Tunisians, and write, like the epitaph MLK has on his tomb: “Free, at last!”

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