This is our last « Must-Read » but our curation work keeps going on

Dear readers,

This is our last « Must-Read » but our curation work keeps going on, more than ever. Out of several years of curation via this monthly selection we have noticed that professionals have a huge need of insights to decipher a complexifying world but that they want this curation to be faster, shorter and not pushy because they feel already an « information overload » even if most of it is not junk but relevant.

Infobesity has become an excess of relevant information.

That is why we have decided from now on to deliver our curation in a « pull » way instead of « pushing » it.

Our curation will be available through two channels:
– If you want to receive regularly a selection of what we consider as important information for the future of augmented management join us free of charge on our open linkedin group « Towards Augmented Management » (announcements, short selection of articles, contributions from group members). This group has proved to be very disciplined and moderate in the volume of what they share. If you join please be as respectful and avoid any advertising or non-curation information, there are enough discussion forums, this one is mostly intended to curate.
– If you want to benefit from our advanced curation (several articles a week, but delivered to the pace you will choose), with very limited amount of conversation, only from members, access to our « Musthave » continuously updated database of the best sources, free access to our events, we advise you to become a member of our Institute (418,06 euros without tax, 500 euros with French VAT) but if you are not located in France it might not be relevant for you.

We hope you enjoyed our monthly curation and that you will « opt in » in anyone of the suggestions above and we will be honoured of this choice.

If you just want to be informed about our events and publications, send us your email, we have as a policy to send less than an e-mail a month (average is one per quarter for the last few years)

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