The Boostzone Must Have is our collection of what we consider the best articles, reports, documents on the most important future topics/ issues impacting management, strategy and the world of work. It is searchable by keywords or via the detailed TOC (can also be seen here.)

The selection is not exhaustive, it is just our selection and it proves very useful for all those who don’t want to surf for hours before finding a document relevant to their current questioning.

It is sold like a book but with a free yearly update subscription. It can be bought here for 300 € TTC. (Group discount apply, please contact

For those already subscribers just send an email to contact @, a link will be sent to you asap.

The newest documents in this update include in particular:

  • Economic analysis stretching, in particular, the relative importance of China in international dynamics and influence, going much further than “just” trade.
  • More data on demographic challenges
  • A lot of new articles on AI and its impacts on job creation and destruction, this discipline becomes more and more documented and finally gets progressively out of myths and into reality. The new documents include elements for better understanding what algorithms are really and what the choice between many of them means.
  • With AI a number of new questions on KM do arise, there are not a lot of documents on this evolution currently but we believe it will happen soon.
  • A series of new thinking on the future of the world of work, with a particular stress on offices, on labor status, on the role of new tools in the ways of working (from digital working to robots in particular)
  • New views on biological discoveries and their impact
  • Also on the signs of progress of neurosciences. They finally also entered into the radar screen of leaders and executives, their impact is increasingly documented.
  • 3D printing is very much alive and a series of new studies show how much they will gain in importance in manufacturing, what It means for jobs and quite unexpectedly for trade in the long term.
  • Innovation, corporate strategy are topics with continuously new inputs
  • FAKE NEWS is a new entry, they represent a social challenge and a management challenge
  • Some conceptual documents have also been added to the topic of the evolution of capitalism… and of business school programs
  • Obviously, some more documents are added to the section on how to augment management. In particular, a series of concept around deep work and shallow work provides a very interesting set of approaches on how to manage one’s workload and one’s creativity
  • And the list of sources has been expanded, for those who want to manage their curation alone.

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