The Boostzone Must Have is the collection of what we consider the best articles, reports, documents on the most important future topics/ issues impacting management, strategy and the world of work. It is searchable by keywords or via the detailed TOC (can also be seen here.)

The selection is not exhaustive, it is just our selection and it proves very useful for all those who don’t want to surf for hours before finding a document relevant to their current questioning.

It is sold like a book but includes a free yearly update subscription. It can be bought here for 300 € TTC. (Group discount apply, please contact

For those already subscribers just send an email to contact @, a link will be sent to you to this latest edition.

The newest documents in this update include in particular:

  • New and surprising documents on the social mutations of our societies
  • Some interesting new analysis on the value of Buddhist economics (!)
  • Several articles and studies, with facts, on the evolution of jobs in the face of IA, automation
  • A few new articles on AI, including some basic explanations around deep learning, face recognition technologies, etc.
  • Some articles on what is hidden behind algorithms and why they should not be looked at with fear
  • Some views on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)
  • Specific articles on neurosciences evolution and their impact on management
  • The topics of ethics, governance, and management gets some new insights
  • Some new articles on fake news, their impact, the role of social networks
  • The GAFA get their share of analysis, praise and criticism…
  • and as usual a few new cases on « entreprise libérée » and many other stuff

AI and Neurosciences are definitively taking more space in our strategic analysis, 2018 will probably be the year where the hype will recede and the real stuff will appear within corporations and management.


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