With the crisis Organizations will accelerate their move toward more collaboration

Organizations’ evolution towards “networks and community” centered organization will be accelerated through the crisis. Corporations will have to create more transversal elements within the organization. We generally speak about a talent marketplace, a knowledge marketplace and a community/networks marketplace. This new NCM Network Centric Management will prove a competitive advantage (or a disadvantage for the others) during the crisis.
Three reasons:
•    Strong (and fast) collaboration between executive team members will be required to analyze jointly the implications and to coordinate the executions. Executive teams have an opportunity to apply to themselves the dynamics of community management.
•    Task forces across silos will be essential: to execute decisions, to generate more innovation, to maximize the response effectiveness to external shocks, to be more responsive to client’s demands in order to be more competitive, to improve skills and processes in order to make faster productivity progresses. Nothing really new but a real accelerator potential for competition in what will be shrinking or more complex markets for all.
•    Individuals are already boosting their activities on public social networks like LinkedIn, they will also boost their internal networks in order to be more visible and have a better and faster access to information. Everyone is already noticing the power of internal networks and communities, in time of crisis the benefits are even more obvious since time and value is the essence and communities allow just that: time acceleration and value leverage.
It will have serious implications on the way the work is organized within corporations and will allow communities and networks to become clearer parts of the organization, relegating the old “org chart” to the museum. The new simple descriptions of organizations (as simple as org chart were) are still to be invented.


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