MyPath, a career destination

In this Beta world, in the middle of a crisis affecting employees and
employers, when so many ask themselves questions about their career,
Manpower is launching a very open beta experimental destination called
MyPath. It is fundamentally a community site and a career management
destination with tools allowing one to identify his/ her skills, finding
others to share ideas with about jobs and career advancement, etc. It
is open because it is for everybody and not only for « candidates »
looking for jobs. Actually it could even be an interesting destination
for employers to recommend their employees to go to (instead of
jobboards where few employers would recommend their employees to hang
around …).

It is still an experiment in beta format, still
only mostly oriented toward North America, still lacking some size and
content (was launched today) but one can already see the potential such
a destination can have for the World of Work.

I would suggest to anyone to go (including for those happy in their job, absolutely), to register and to comment anywhere on the site.

From a
social media perspective and from a World of Work perspective it is
extremely interesting. In particular because vs. all existing
destinatiion it does not aim at  forcing you into a job posting (for
employers) or a job search (for individuals) but it is here to help
individuals to build their career.

The fact that Manpower, the sponsor of this destination,
launches this in a crisis period (the staffing industry is in
devastation) and with the real aim of helping individuals to better
find their way into the World of Work is a great example of corporate
social responsibility at work.

I think this is
something that could be big.


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