2021, Management Odyssey

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Who would have thought in 2001 that, 10 years later (now!), we would use largely on-demand software, that our pictures, our mail, our documents would be on the Cloud, that our mobile phones would be used for many other usages than… phoning; that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth would be common names and usages, that a single USB key could contain at once several encyclopedias, our music, our pictures and all our files, that social media would change our personal, social and professional lives?

But all these technologies were already here; some were in the lab, some already available but expensive or with limited features or capabilities or still cumbersome to use. A bit of imagination would have been enough to forecast their implications in order to build early competitive advantages. Some regret today not to have reacted earlier, not to have seen opportunities that other have grasped.

The technologies of 2021 are here. One just has to look and to imagine their implications. Just think of geolocalization, augmented reality, 3D printers, BigData, connection of things, tablet computers, recognition of movements /voice/ emotions/faces, sensors, 4G, Wimax, electronic books, telepresence, virtual work, etc.

These technologies will “augment” our competences, our difficulties, and our opportunities. Their impact will vary depending on our responsibilities, our industry, and the part of the world where we operate. For some their management of human resources will be challenged, for others their marketing, for others still their customer relationship, for others their logistics and production systems. For many, their very business model will be challenged, for some their current business model might well disappear; for others, they will invent new business models. In all cases those technologies will challenge, at least as much as did the 2001 technologies, our world of management. Better be ready!

To work practically on their implications on your activities we propose an experimental training/workshop on October 11th on 2021 Management Odyssey (In French, but we could organize a special session in English). The number of seats is very limited. You can register or get more information by writing to Maryline.gerlach@boostzone.fr.

The Boostzone Institute is focusing its efforts on the conditions by which management is “augmented” today (i.e. relying on a number of extensions allowing it to better navigate within its environment). Understanding how technologies are a major engine of this “augmentation” is one of our priorities.

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